South Carolina Boating Accidents are on the rise. 

As more and more people venture out into the South Carolina Lakes the number of boating accidents increase. A growing number of South Carolina Boaters are taking to the water without fully understanding the dangers of watercraft.

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A Boating injury can occur as a result of several different reasons.
A common belief among boaters is that in the event of an accident the victim assumes all responsibility. This is simply not true in some cases.

Here are some situations where a boating accident victim is NOT at fault

  • Purposely navigating into a large wave or wake at an unsafe speed or angle
  • Ejections from a watercraft due to improper handling or knowingly navigating into bad weather
  • Coming in contact with boat propellers
  • Operating a watercraft at high speed
  • Not keeping careful watch while a passenger is skiing or tubing
  • Failure to educate oneself with navigational rules
  • Colliding with other boats and/or watercraft
  • Faulty watercraft design
  • Improper boat repair
  • Colliding with an immovable object, water buoy, dock or bridge
  • Overcrowding or Overloading.


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