Your estate consists of everything you own— Your home, your car, other real estate investments, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance policies, home furniture, personal possessions. No matter how significant or how modest, everyone has an estate.

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Estate planning is making a plan in advance and naming the individuals you would like to receive your possessions after you die.
It should also:

  • Include instructions for passing your personal beliefs and values
  • Include instructions for your personal care if you should become disabled before you die.
  • Name an inheritance manager if any, and a guardian and for minor children.
  • Provision for family and loved ones who are irresponsible with finances or who would need future protection from debt collectors.
  • Include a life insurance policy toward financial provision for your family at your death,
  • Instructions for the transfer of your company and/or business at your disability, retirement, or death.

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