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Dispute resolution for businesses and individuals

Having a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney brings peace of mind. Bill Connor represents businesses and individuals in dispute resolution. He can help you with all types of general civil litigation in state and federal courts, including:

Put a strong, determined litigator to work for you

Bill Connor knows time is valuable and you value efficiency throughout the process of dispute resolution. Bill provides:

  • Individual attention — Bill Connor will always answer questions personally, or get back at the earliest opportunity.
  • Integrity — Bill has been an Army officer for 28 years to the rank of Colonel and is imbued with the ethos of duty and honor.  He will provide honest answers to all of your questions and seek to represent you in an ethical and successful manner toward success.
  • Diligence — We always have your best interest in mind. If settling your case early on will achieve the best result, we will take the time to explain why we believe it is in your best interest to settle instead of engaging in lengthy litigation.  We want to work hard and smart to provide the best results at the least cost to clients.

Working for our American soldiers

American soldiers are subject to distinct laws. In peace and in war, military law governs the lives of all members of our armed forces. With 28 years of experience in the service up to the rank of Colonel, Bill Connor understands the complex body of military law and effectively represents active and retired soldiers in civil, criminal and military matters. He assists clients in all aspects of military law, including:

  • The Uniform Code of Military Justice — The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the foundation of the law for members of the armed forces. The UCMJ applies to active-duty, reserve, National Guard and retired personnel. Bill Connor has in-depth knowledge about the USMJ, common law, case law and the specific regulations and policies that apply to your branch of the armed forces.
  • Court martial — Using his extensive knowledge about the UCMJ and powerful litigation skills, Bill Connor defends soldiers in disciplinary and criminal cases. We help soldiers through courts martial, legal investigations, detention rights, criminal and military trials, appeals and mitigation of punishments.

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