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As a business owner, senior Army officer and seasoned attorney, Bill has a unique and personal understanding of business and management.

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Having a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney brings peace of mind. Bill Connor represents businesses and individuals in dispute resolution.

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Bill Connor Law Firm, LLC, has a reputation for aggressive and successful personal injury litigation on behalf of clients.

The Journey of an Ethical Lawyer

 This week, I came back in the office after being on military duties outside the state. Needless to say, I had many things waiting for me when I returned. I had a hearing in the upstate on Monday, then another hearing in Columbia on Tuesday. Both required preparation, while trying to catch up on the office work. On top of that, we had our open house on Wednesday. As a lawyer, life remains busy. In my case, I also have my military commitments to the unit and War College. In Orangeburg, I am president of Rotary this year, and that is just one more thing to balance out. The primary ethical issue for me right now is in keeping time for family. My 17 year old son had two track meets this week. one I was able to attend, and one I was not. Additionally, my daughters are busy with various things participate (including help with homework). Most of all, I am trying to ensure I spend some time honoring Passion week leading up to Easter. As busy as I get, remembering God and the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus must remain at the top priority. Hopefully, things will slow down as the practice settles down. Regardless, I am happy to help our clients, and fulfill God's call on my life to practice law as a Christian.


Bill Connor is a professional author and blogger contributing to The T&D newspaper as well as publishing is own book titled Articles From War

The Day of our Open House!

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The Journey Of An Ethical Lawyer

The trials and tribulations of an ethical lawyer in world full of greed

"The Journey" Is an article series from Connor's personal journal as he attempts to Juggle his military career, professional law practice, family, and above all, his faith.

Life remains busy...

 This week, I came back in the office after being on military duties outside the state. Needless to say, ...

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